Aqua Wave Variable Speed Primer

Aqua Wave Variable Speed Primer

Aqua Wave Variable Speed Primer
Quality variable speed EZ pump with excellent value over any other variable speed pond pump on the market. Get the flow you want with savings you control.

Includes a Nidec motor, EcoTech EZ programmable digital display, and 2" inlet/outlets with disconnect unions. Also features a built in easy strainer basket with self priming. Designed for quiet operation. No cord.

Digital Display - EZ to program

ECOTECH EZ motor/control is factory programmed for out-of-the-box functionality. But, by using the integrated User Interface, the motor can be programmed for up to four "custom flows" to run water features.

Perhaps a slower flow for colder months, a medium flow for regular season or more flow during the hours your home. It can also be programmed for two different flows per day, Monday - Friday and Saturday - Sunday.

Should you have a power outage, the program is saved in permanent memory so if the power goes out to the motor, your program settings are secure.

The key pad arrows are used to increase/decrease flows or for selecting settings. With a single Run/Stop button, it is easy to perform any maintenance on your system or for backwashing filters.

The run max button quickly increases your flow should you want to generate the most flow possible. It will increase the motor speed to its maximum of 3450 RPM.

The lower area on the screen will aid you in selecting options that makes it even easier to setup or change settings. Other help is listed under the lid for quick reference.

Start saving! Customers have reported back that using a variable speed pump actually saves them electrical usage over other single speed pumps. They find that even when running the variable speed pump at 1725 rpm, they get more flow and draw less amps when comparing to there other one speed pump that is rated at 1725 RPM.

Quick Install! The motor is labeled 230 volts and requires simple wiring into the wiring conduit box that has two power leads to the terminal board and then attach the ground to the green ground screw.

The EZ Variable Speed pump offers the following features:

* Innovative user interface with on-screen navigation guide
* Rugged Construction for longer life
* Fan cooled (TEFC) Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
* Manual Max Flow override
* Integrated LCD - back-lit, Time, Day, % Flow
* Battery back up saves programming during power outages
* UV and rain proof controller enclosure
* One button On / Off
* Freeze Sensor
* Motor designed to reduce noise emissions
* Energy Efficient

Item # Description Price Order
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vsaqwvprmr30 3.0HP Variable Speed Pump (230) volt - (On Sale!) - Was $2295 $1595.00 Free Shipping on this item

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