Pondmaster Pressurized

Pondmaster Pressurized
Pondmaster PressurizedPondmaster PressurizedPondmaster PressurizedPondmaster Pressurized

Pressure Filters

Innovative features simplify filter upkeep for years of reliable performance. These heavy-duty pressurized pond filters provide mechanical and biological filtration and are loaded with convenient features. Built-in pressure gauge with easy-read display indicates when it is time to backwash the unit. 3-way master valve with simple "run", "rinse", and "backwash" settings allows easy transition from operation to maintenance mode. Special manually-operated agitator dislodges over 90% of filter residue to significantly reduce the amount of water needed to backwash the unit. Also available with integrated UV clarifier for enhanced water clarity and quality. 1-1/2" NPT fittings.

  • Quick Connect Hose Fitting - For easy, tool-free hose removal and reassembly.
  • Clear Multiport Valve - Control and visual monitoring of water clarity during backwash/rinse operation.
  • Waste Port Valve - Convenient ball valve directs waste water.
  • UV Lamp (PUV Models only) - Internal long thin bulb assembly forces water close to UV bulb for longer contact time with UV rays.
  • UV Lamp Ballast (PUV Models only) - Top mounted for convenient access.
  • Bio-Matrix Media - Reusable media affords maximum surface area for beneficial bacterial growth.
  • Agitator - Efficiently unlocks waste from media with minimum water loss during backwash/rinse.
  • Agitator Handle - Dual-purpose handle manually turns internal agitator. Also allows safe viewing and confirmation of UV Lamp status.
  • Pressure Gauge - Displays internal pressure to indicate when routine backwash is necessary.
  • Pressure Clamp - Stainless steel security.
  • Heavy-Duty Poly Canister - Weatherproof and designed for in-ground installation near pond.
Item # Description Price Order
p1000 Pondmaster 1000 Pressurized Filter $318.00 Add to Cart
p1000u Pondmaster 1000 Pressurized Filter/with UV $397.00 Add to Cart
p2000 Pondmaster 2000 Pressurized Filter $350.00 Add to Cart
p2000u Pondmaster 2000 Pressurized Filter/with UV $445.00 Add to Cart
p4000 Pondmaster 4000 Pressurized Filter $397.00 Add to Cart
p4000u Pondmaster 4000 Pressurized Filter/with UV $509.00 Add to Cart

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