EasyPro Filter Material

EasyPro Filter Material

Save money- cut your own filter pads! Bulk Medias are avalible that can easily be cut to fit popular brands of skimmers, pressure filters, waterfilter boxes and pump pre-filters.

  • PFM3-5 material is made from long lasting polyester – can be rinsed clean and reused over and over
  • Most commonly used as a solids filter material before water enters biological media


  • Blue and white material bonded together, easy to cut
  • Average life- one season
  • Fairly dense – removes fine particles


  • 1” medium density, lime green
  • Removes fine particles, cuts easily
  • Ideal for replacement media in small pumps and prefilters
  • Average life 2 -3 seasons


  • 2” coarse density, off white
  • Used in waterfall filter boxes 56” wide roll for large jobs
  • Average life 2-3 years
Item # Description Price Order
PFM1 EasyPro Fine Filter Material 1 yard $12.99 Add to Cart
PFM3 EasyPro Medium Filter Material 1 yard $24.99 Add to Cart
PFM5 EasyPro Course Filter Material 1 yard $29.99 Add to Cart

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