Koistuff Optimum Nutrition

Koistuff Optimum Nutrition

This food is packed in light-reflective Mylar.

The food is in a resealable pouch! (25# Bags are not resealable.)

It's available in ten pound resealable packs to ensure freshness.

It is the most affordable Koi-specific food on the market by a wide margin!!! Just based on price alone, we feel sure that the majority of Koi keepers will someday feed nothing but KoiStuff.

This food ships direct from the manufacturer. It has never been stored. Fresh? Oh yes! Ingredients: Whole wheat, Hydrolyzed (animal) protein meal, Anchovy fish, soy meal, alfalfa, spirulina, wheat germ, gluten protein, marine fish oil; minerals, incl. zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium sorbate, di-calcium phosphate; Vitamins, including C (stabilized), A, D, E, and K, B1, B2, B6, Choline chloride, niacin, biotin, Folic Acid, B12, Additional natural carotenoid pigments, including A-Xan, Cantha Xan, Xan-Yellow and ALL essential amino acids.

Comments - This food is specially formulated for the relatively short, omnivorous digestive tract of the Koi, (cyprinus carpio) by one of the leading animal feed nutritionists in the country. To be honest, the food was formulated under very special circumstances and by special request. This custom research is typically unavailable from this prestigious institution to other manufacturers . As part of the agreement to formulate this diet, the researcher, (a PhD scientist) has required that their identity will remain proprietary as they will not allocate time to formulate other feeds.

This food is formulated for the most rapid but safe growth of omnivorous teleost fishes such as Cyprinus carpio [koi] and includes a perfectly (Yes, perfectly!) balanced amino acid profile developed through combination of two animal (one marine fish, one poultry) source proteins and two plant source proteins (wheat and soy). The food also contains several potent color enhancers which may or may not be deleterious to the eye-appeal of the edible flesh of food fish. Do not use for Tilapia, Catfish or Salmonids.

KoiStuff.com GUARANTEES that this will be the best performing (appetite and growth) food you've ever fed, or we will refund your money. Simply return unused portion to our physical address.

Pellet size: "KoiStuff Optimum varies somewhat in size from batch to batch, however, we are consistently trying to provide a smaller pellet size in this premium quality but economically priced food, because research shows that all fish can easily accept it. To the converse, only large fish can eat the very largest pellets, leaving smaller fish to push a hopelessly large pellet across the water's surface until they starve."

Listen to what Dr. Erik Johnson has to say about our formulation:
"KoiStuff Optimum Nutrition brings together the three most important features of a perfect Koi and large goldfish food - It has to possess (and be able to maintain) freshness, it should be made with balanced proteins with due s...

Item # Description Price Order
kon10 Koistuff Optimum Nutrition 10 pound $41.99 Free Shipping on this item
kon25 Koistuff Optimum Nutrition 25 pound $85.00 Free Shipping on this item

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