PondCare AlgaeFix

PondCare AlgaeFix
PondCare AlgaeFixPondCare AlgaeFixPondCare AlgaeFixPondCare AlgaeFix

PondCare AlgaeFix® is a liquid algae-control product for use in ornamental fish ponds and water gardens containing live plants and fish.

PondCare AlgaeFix® controls many types of algae including "green water" blooms and filamentous algae.

  • Can be used in ponds containing live plants and fish.
  • Effectively controls "green water" algae blooms and blanket weed (Oedogonium).
  • Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear.
  • An EPA registered Algaecide that helps resolve future algae problems.
  • 8oz (240 ml) bottle treats 2,400 US gallons (9,084 L)
  • 16oz (480 ml) bottle treats 4,800 US gallons (18,168 L)
  • 64oz (1.89 L) bottle treats 19,200 US gallons (72,960 L)
  • 1 Gal bottle treats 38,400 gallons
  • 2.5 Gal bottle treats 115,000 gallons

AlgaeFix can be used in ponds with live plants. Do not use with crustaceans, including crabs, shrimp and freshwater lobsters.

Item # Description Price Order
pcaf16 AlgaeFix 16 ounce $11.95 Add to Cart
pcaf32 AlgaeFix 32 ounce $19.95 Add to Cart
pcaf64 AlgaeFix 64 ounce $39.00 Add to Cart
pcafgal AlgaeFix Gallon $66.00 Add to Cart
pcafgal25 AlgaeFix 2.50 Gallon $109.95 Add to Cart

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